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Using Video inside your Investor Relations Strategy

In this tight economy of depressed markets and cash-conscious investors, the price of raising capital or perhaps your stock’s profile isn’t just getting greater however the Return on investment is virtually non-existent. It appears like all clients are working harder and spending more about investor relations and marketing campaigns but yielding much less results.

In raising your stock’s profile, there is nothing more essential than building solid relationships, creating possibilities to pitch investors and differentiating your organization to draw in new investors. Reaching new investors is easily the most costly and time intensive a part of a trader relations strategy, yet it’s an frequently fruitless process – specifically for small cap the likes of individuals on the Canadian TSX Venture or even the US’ OTCBB exchanges.

If your small business is likely to spend anything with an IR or advertising campaign to boost the profile of the company’s stock, you best make certain you have set up the best corporate branding that targets investors and not simply your customers. If you do not, you might lose 1000s of dollars in investments from investors that will have otherwise been thinking about your company’s stock but invested elsewhere since your insufficient a company image.

Respect Your Investors

Investors have to know that you simply respect them. Nobody will purchase a company having a website they do not understand or designed in another language. Nowadays, nobody will purchase a company that spends little if any cash on their corporate image. Fortunately, altering how you give investors is straightforward. A simple initial step would be to incorporate professionally created investor-geared videos to your program.

Tell a tale

Videos are a good initial step but you will find major pitfalls should you attempt to get it done without first being aware of what works. Let us face the facts: Most corporate videos are boring.

Videos have to tell a tale. It must be well-scripted and well-created as this bit of material would be the first factor investors take a look at and could be the last factor they see before they create any investment decisions. But after you have one, it is your most effective selling tool – apart from yourself, obviously.

Don’t think me? Have a look and do your homework. Find two comparable public companies, one with well-created corporate videos and yet another without. Then check out their average buying and selling volume and share cost performance. You will find the solution will not come as a surprise (given similar comparables, obviously.)

Impactful Selling

Right now your organization has involved in marketing initiatives and have asked about different marketing approaches. Have you ever observed that video advertising reaches less people than their print counterparts but costs considerably more in accordance with the crowd achieve? That is because videos are considerably more efficient at selling.

Let us take TV infomercials for instance which frequently sell useless products. When they would send a sales brochure or email advertising exactly the same products they did on television, the number of people would really react and purchase something from the sales brochure they received? Most likely very few. Yet people react and buy useless things from infomercials every single day.

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