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Different Styles of Corrugated Packing Boxes Used in Industries

These days importance of packaging box has increased so much that people give as much importance to it as the quality of the product. Therefore, many different styles and categories of packing boxes are used in the industries.

In this small write up, we shall discuss about few different categories of solid corrugated cardboard boxes that are used in the industries.

Series 01 – Commercial roles and sheets

In fact, these are corrugated sheets only and not the box and therefore only two dimensions like length and breadth are to be considered. Boxes of the desired sizes are to be made by using these sheets.

Series 02 – Slotted type boxes

Such types of boxes are mostly found to be under used and can be very commonly seen. It consists of one piece of corrugated sheet which is either glued or taped together by the manufacturer and it has top and bottom flaps. There are only few assemblies and with a one piece of sheet it is possible to assemble the box.

Series 03 – Telescope type boxes

By looking at the lid one can identify this type of box and it has two different units, top unit and bottom unit.

Series 04 – Folder type boxes and trays

Here one piece of cardboard is used which is then suitably folded to form the box. There are only few differences with series 02 type of boxes as in this case top panel and walls are attached to bottom side of the box. Also, there are tabs, locking hinges and handles are also available.

Series 05 – Slide type boxes

In this type of boxes, there are two distinct pieces with one of them works as a sleeve. The sleeve can slide into the other piece which is used as a cover.

Series 06 – Rigid type boxes

These boxes consist of 3 different pieces which are either stitched or glued together in order to construct the complete box unit. Such boxes are considered to be much more rigid and are more durable. They may be slightly expensive to produce.

Series 07 – Ready glued cases

Typically, this series of box consists of single piece of sheet which is glued together while shipping them. There is no additional equipment needed in order to make such boxes. In a company where something is needed quickly to pack without making use of any additional tape then such types of cases are preferred.

Series 08 – Interior Fitments

These are not boxes but various interior fitments which are used as pads, liners, partitions or dividers. Particularly while shipping fragile items such fitments are used.

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